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1Cero1 SAS is projected from SmartCity: the macroevent of innovation

​1Cero1 SAS​ took part of the event during 4 days at the Microsoft`s booth,​

In order to promote the platform for development of smart and sustainable cities and territories, the Smart City Expo Latam Congress was held in Mexico and Latin America.
In this space we debate and share innovative ideas and technological knowledge that develop intelligent and sustainable cities for the future of Mexico and Latin America.
With more than 200 lecturers in 3 days of sessions and parallel interventions which projected an environment of future and social development.
At this event participants shared themes regarding Sustainable Territories, Participative and Equitable Society, Territorial Planning and Mobility, Technology for Intelligent Management, Digital Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.
1Cero1 SAS took part of the event during 4 days at the Microsoft`s booth, we presented our software services for web portals, mobile applications and robust correspondents, with international visitors from different countries, we managed to project our company to public and private entities of the whole world.