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Since last March the Mayor of Bello, in the north of the Aburra Valley, located at the main entrance of its facilities a technological device enabled to receive money from the inhabitants of the municipality to pay for industry, trade and property tax.

With this device, which the municipal administration acquired in partnership with Bancolombia and 1Cero1, citizens through a 49-inch touch screen enter their identification number, select the tax, choose the amount to cancel, deposit money in cash to make the payment and receive in response a receipt with the basic data of their transaction.
In the medium term, this robust correspondent, which is currently programmed to receive coins and bills, will be able to accept credit and debit card payments for the convenience of the taxpayers.

The purpose of this new payment system, in addition to decongesting the treasury department of the City Hall, is to provide citizens with a practical and simple alternative to cancel their taxes without the need of line ups and long waits. Definitely a breakthrough for the municipality.