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Chapala Has a New Web Portal

​​Chapala is part of the group of e-city software web portals.

On May 19th the launch of the new municipal web portal took place, for which the population of Chapala was called in order to know all the services that can be acquired through this great tool.

Now citizens can carry out paperwork completely online without having to move from home, make the payment online, know in detail the status of their processing and compliance in the response.

The portal also has an integrated PCCR system, downloadable formats and transactional forms. Thanks to the participation of the citizens with their opinions and contributions, the portal can improve every day.

The population of Chapala, through its new portal, acquired variety in online services which are easy to use and safe to access, in this way we facilitate the administration procedures and services for both the municipal government and to the citizens.

Thus, we contribute to the fulfillment of the National Digital Strategy, which brings Chapala closer to improving the score on the Municipal Digital Government index.