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Software Development

We have a team of experts to provide a broad outline of advice through the implementation of high quality developments.​​​​​​human-995562_1920.jpg

The  SharePoint 2013 platform and editor integrates the most common desktop tools (Office), as a result, ensures an easy learning portal solution. This integrated architecture also facilitates optimal use of technical and professional resourses from  development or systems departments, which require focused knowledge on a single platform.


• Simple and consistent appearance of information.
• Colaboration and apps processing.
• Facilitates uploading content and images.
• It's friendly, dynamic and allows the entity to manage documents through the library configuration and workflows.
• Strong authentication and user registration.
• Permits by security level.
• Databases​

The automation of procedures and services optimizes processes in the entities and establishes mechanisms  such as document repositories and virtual files applying for policy of zero paper.
The platform enables the integration of different information systems of public and private entities providing quality management for this information.

The 101 ERP  allows government entities to optimize their processes, integrating each business area as well as the management of human, technological and physical resources. The ERP allows to carry a quality  accounting control with  verifiable and calculable results around the production of goods or services from your entity.
Our ERP has-been developed by experts with the highest standards of quality so that the end result be the best.
​​​We present a tool that will meet the needs for organizing and managing the resources in your entity.


More Products


 Excellent alternative brand promotion, products or services that promote the use of ICT through a computer monitor with a mobile module, located at strategic locations to provide a solution to the user.

Using digital kiosks

● Mass education Events

● Generator shifts

● Automated Single Window

● Aeneration of certificates

● Digital animations and video playback

● Procedures

● Consultations

● Online Transactions

● Payment procedures

● Applications

● Records​​


​● Increased customer service

● Efficient use of resources

● Interaction

● Educational Resource

● Exposes all kinds of information

● Viewing areas of interest

● Viewing web sites or information portals

●.Continuous service​


Apps for payments
Apps for security and surveillance
Applications Integration