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More than 10 years of experience leading the development of Public and Private software in Colombia.
We guarantee our customers a better use of technological resources based on process automation in a flexible and easy to use platform.​​
​2009 - 2011 METAPORTALES PROJECT Metropolitan Area of the Aburra Valley
PROYECTOItagui (1).jpgCaldas, Girardota, Bello, Barbosa, Itagui, Sabaneta, La Estrella and Copacabana are the eight municipalities in the metropolitan área that were impacted by the development of
1Cero1 Software. With the development of web portals of these municipalities quality of life and work of officials  improved as well as to citizens in each localition.
By implementing these portals residents have the information of town hall at a click. Besides, they can make online transactions and services avoiding rows and annoying delays. User orientation in the Sisben, Advertising Stratification certificates, accounting certificates and  job training are some of the more than 105 procedures that were implemented in the portals of the Metropolitan area.
Meanwhile, public administration avoids unnecessary paper costs and thus transform their business processes.

2012 - 2015 FCM ALLIANCE​

 With the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, we made strategic alliances among which we perform different developments with nationally recognized entities such as SIMIT, Integrated Information System of Fines and Penalties  for traffic violations.

The starting point of the Project  Municipalities Online was the strategy of Government Online (GEL), led by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, which promotes building a more efficient, transparent and participatory state, and that in turn, provide better services by leveraging technology. This, in order to boost competitiveness and improve the quality of life for the prosperity of all Colombians.

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Territorial Entities Online, ETL, is the project which today provides continuity to the leadership of our developments for government entities, which we sponsored by Bancolombia establishing reciprocal agreements that increase the participation of the bank in the Government entities.


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